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    What is “Drafting of Contracts”?

    Business Organizations will need to draft various contracts throughout their tenure.

    The “Drafting Contracts” involves the process of creating a legal contract base on the parties legal requirements.

    What is standard Contract?

    Contracts to use for general purpose which covers general terms and conditions.

    What is a customized contract?

    Contract drafted based on a client requirement.

    What is vetting of legal Contract?

    Vetting of legal document is making a careful and critical examination of documents to be executed in terms of Law. It involves making amendments.


    • Shareholder Agreements
    • Memorandum of Understanding
    • Service Agreements
    • Distribution Agreements
    • Sale and Purchase Agreements
    • Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
    • Employment Agreements
    • Website Privacy Policies
    • Website Terms and Conditions
    • Fill The Online Form Submit

    Day 1

    • We will Contact you.
    • Make an advance payment.

    Day 7-14

    • We will send you the first draft and you can comment and suggest changes that need.

    Day 14-18

      • The final draft contract will be sent.

    Advantages of Drafting Customized Contracts

    Provides proof of what was agreed between you and the other party

    Helps to prevent future misunderstandings or disputes by making the agreement clear from the beginning

    Can avoid unnecessary penalties and ligation.

    Gives you security and peace of mind by having the terms of the agreement down on paper which the terms do not change

    Sets how disputes will be resolved

    Specifies how either party can end the contract before the work is completed.

    Reduce the risk of a dispute regarding payments, responsibilities, and time frames that the service to be performed under the contract.

    Send the first draft based on your concern

    sent the final draft with the amendment based on your suggestions made to first draft.

    1. How do I know whether my draft legal agreement suits my purposes:?

    The explanations provided by concerns will help you to understand the contract.

    1. Do you make any legal documents freely available?

    Yes,We do.Please click on this link to take you to our free legal documents.

    1. I need a specific agreement, But it does not appear on this site?

    Please feel free to email us and we will provide you with  a quote for the agreement you require.

    1. What format are the agreement provided in?

    All agreements are provided in MS Word format.

    1. How do I download draft contract?

    After payments, the system will automatically give your access to your documents.

    1. Am I allowed to change agreements once I receive the first draft?

    Yes, you can suggest alterations and we will send you the final draft.

    1. Can I suggest any changes to  the final draft?

    Yes, You can  We will charge based on the additional work.

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