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    The role of a Translator or Sworn translator in the civil society

    The translator is commonly considered as a person who converts a text from one language (Source Language) to another languge (Target Languge). Still, what actually happens is not the same whereas, the translator converts the idea in the source language into the target language.

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    Company In Sri Lanka

    Company Registration in Sri Lanka- “This is for Startup founders” A Step By Step Guide for your Private entity Private Limited Company Starting out your business idea is not easy. This article will tell you how to set up or register your small Business into a Company

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    Introduction to the Basics of Intellectual Property

    The creator of an Intellectual Property, need to have a monopoly. Because If the creator has no monopoly in the creation, There is little or no commercial value of it.

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    What is Your Role as a Director of a Company ?

    Director is a person occupying the position of director of the company by whatever name called, Executive Director, Non-Executive Director, Independent Director, Shadow Director, Chairman, President etc… In addition to being director of the company appointed by the shareholders, you can be contracted by the company for the employment as a Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer. In such a situation you will be a Director on the Board appointed by the shareholders & also an employee by contract with the company.

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    Why do you need to do a title search before purchasing a property?

    Purchasing a property can be for a building a house or for any commercial purpose,You have to be sure that the money invested in the property is safe.Because if someone else claim the ownership of that property in a later stage you will have to spend lots of time & money to get the ownership back.Because of that searching the title or finding the real owner of the property is very important.

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