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    How does the sworn translation be helpful in business affairs?

    A Sworn Translator is a translator under oath as any other Public Official in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Unlike an ordinary translator, a sworn translator is entitled to translate the official documents which everyone requires in their day to day lives such as, Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates etc:. And, he/she who is a sworn translator has the power as well as the responsibility to place his/her seal and signature and make it a valid translated document.

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    Trademarks Registration in Sri Lanka

    A Mark, Trademark or a service mark is a distinctive sign which identify and distinguish the goods or service of different enterprises. A mark can either be registered or unregistered. Even though the registration is not mandatory in law. A trade mark can be registered in accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property act Of No 03. Of 2003 and a registered mark enjoys certain advantages as follows;.

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    Business Registrations for Startups

    An individual / entrepreneur can carry on a business under his name or under a business name registered in respective Provincial Council where the business is operated. Setting up a sole proprietorship is comparatively easy. The owner of the Business controls the entire business and his or her liability to third parties are unlimited. There is no separation of business legal responsibility from the owner.

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