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    How a Mark Helps your Business?

    • Identify and distinguish the Goods and Service from your Competitor.
    • Indicating the Origin of the Goods or Service , thus assuring and safeguarding your customers
    • Prevent similar mark being registered by other businesses.
    • Right to take legal actions

    A Mark – a Trademark or a service mark is a distinctive sign which identified and distinguishes the goods or service of different enterprises.

    A Mark can either be register or unregistered. Even though the registration is not mandatory in law, a registered mark enjoys certain advantages.

    • Proof of ownership to the mark.
    • Take action against infringement.
    • Rights attached in both Civil and criminal sanctions

    Part V of Intellectual property Act No 36 of 2006 provides for the law related to marks.

    Classification – List of classes -34 for Marks related to goods and 11 for Services. Exclusion right to mark can be acquired by registration in the particular class.

    • Authorization letter drafting- We act as your Intellectual Property Agent
    • Trademark Search at the Intellectual Property Office
    • Discussion and Explaining on category / Class – Advice on the Class you need to apply
    • Final Application- Filling the Registration Form at the intellectual Property Office
    • Regular Updates- E mail updates until your registration
    • Fill The Online Application Form
    • Submit

    Day 1

    • We will Contact you.
    • Make your Payment.
    • Sent you the Draft Authorization Letter ( you Must Sign and return us)

    Day 2-4

    • Advice  you on the Classes /Category
      ( For Each class there has to be a separate Application )
    • Trade Mark Search on the Class that you need to Register your Trademark or Service Mark.

    Day 5-7

    • Lodge the Application
      ( IP Registered Agent will File your Application )
    • Regular Updates

    Legal Protection

    If you have reasons and proof that your registered Trademark is being infringed ,It’s easy to establish your right and take civil and criminal sanction against those who infringe your right

    Especially in Sectors in which piracy and counterfeit goods , the Registered Trademark is utmost important

    Business Opportunity

    Trademark is an intangible asset which gives Identity protection and Value to your Business. Your Business Identity is your Brand.

    Most valuable brand in Sri Lanka according to LMD – 2016  is “BOC”. It estimated value of the brand is 41,418 Million Rupees.

    The famous “Dilmah” Tea brand value is nearly 30% of the  Company Value.

    Brand Identity

    When you want your loyal customers to identify your products or Services, Having Registered Trademark gives unique Identity Opportunity.

    You can use marketing over your Brand and it will make it easy to Market your Products and services.

    1. What is a mark?

    A mark- trademark or service mark- is a visible sign that is capable of distinguishing the goods or services of different enterprises.

    A trademark relates to goods whereas a service mark relates to services.

    2. What is a Trademark class?

    Goods and Services are categorized for the purpose of Registration of Mark in to Classes.

    Goods    -Class 01  To Class 34

    Services -Class 35  To Class 45

    3. Trademark Application Process after filling the FORM M1 (Registration Form)?

    The Mark will be Examined by Intellectual Property office and once it’s accepted, the Applicants will call for Payment to Publication in the Gov. Gazette.

    After being Published for Period of 3 Months, If there is no objections. The IP office will call for Registration Fee.

    Then you will own your Trademark

    4. How Long Trademark is valid?

    Registration is valid for a period of 10 years from the date of application and is renewable on the payment of the fee for further periods of 10 years

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