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    www.elawyers.lk was founded in 2016 as a result of a simple observation

    Technology and the Internet have transformed the speed and ease of doing business in every conceivable way, yet legal work continues to be conducted largely offline. This mismatch led Dinushka Medagoda and Rajendra R. to create the vision of a self-service legal model that revolutionizes the way businesses solve their legal needs.


    Dinushka Medagoda


    Founder of elawyers.lk


    Migara Liyanage

    Team Member


    Tharathi Liyanage

    Team Member


    Damitha Karunaratna

    Team Member


    Nihara Sadaruwan

    Team Member

    We started www.elawyers.lk with one simple goal

     “Make it easier to deal with paralegal needs, so businesses could grow”

     To do this, we unbundle paralegal work


    we save our clients both time and money in the process

    What you get?

    How you get?

    Why Us?

    A better way
    To Know what you Need
    By having Procedures and having in place Agreements that would make sure everyone is aware of their rights and obligations from the outsetWouldn’t this avoid disputes and help to manage your business more effectively?
    Legal process
    Make it Easy
    We give business owners the “know-how” and confidence to make business decisionsYou need to solve routine legal tasks. When the Process is easy that would protect and save significant time and money.
    Legal Services
    Powered by Technology
    Unique SMART Law platform to take you through the process of creating even the most complex legal documents from start to finish.This process was a complete rethink and redesign of a business’s legal workflow.
    How Much
    Time and Money?
     You have one platform to learn, one legal help desk .Using our platform is faster and Affordable. With no sacrifice.
    Our People are our CultureTo achieve our vision of helping Business unbundle their legal problem.Friendly qualified Team, Help you to Understand “Do’s and Don’ts  in your Business.
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